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Crypto Community in your pocket

Christophe is an amateur crypto-trader. Since the bitcoin boom last year, he spends a lot of time on trading website, trying to invest his money the correct way.

But he's not an expert, and sometimes he makes big mistakes...

So he joined the Slack channel of Matthieu, a trading expert who left his previous job to focus on crypto currency trading full time. And it works well!

Christophe is subscribed to Matthieu's Slack Channel for $50 /month. As a crypto trader, it's not much in comparison of all the amazing analysis provided by Matthieu. Following the advices of this mentor, Christophe was able to get much much better at trading.

Matthieu has ~20 members on his Slack channel, and thus makes ~$1000 /month to share his advises with his growing community.

Group Coaching

Justine is a personnal coach. She helps people getting better in their daily life. She also helps digital entrepreneur launching their business.

Her clients book weekly meetings with her, buy her training videos, and basically pay a bit of money to listen to her advices and talk to her.

But that's a lot of work! Justine has to manage planning, invoicing, one to one meetings, all by herself.

Thus she created a Discord server where her clients could pay to join the community, and even talk with other clients. That's unique!

Justine now spends more time chatting with her community, and less time managing her planning.

Crypto - Community

Crypto - Community

Personnal Dietetician

Alison is a graduated dietecian. She used to work in a retirement home where she helped elders to eat correctly, and tracked their health.

She had a lot of requests from her friends and family to give them advices on their food habits. But she had no time to manage all of this work.

Thus she created a Slack channel, where anyone could join for a small subscription price. In this Chat Group, people could ask her all their question, use a bot to track their weight and what did they eat.

Alison has now a single place where she can manage all of this work, and she's getting paid for it! She now works only part time in her retirement home, and spend the rest of her time chatting with her community.

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Receive your earnings directly on your Stripe account!

When setting up your chat group, you'll be required to Connect your Stripe Account.

Once your chat members are charged once a month, you won't have to wait to get the money.

Paid Subscriptions ? Members management ? Invoices ? Let us worry about that.

Create a ChatGroup and link your Stripe Account

Create a ChatGroup and link your Stripe Account

Set the subscription price you desire

Set the subscription price you desire

People subscribe to your chat group

People subscribe to your chat group

You invite validated members on your chatting platform (slack, discord, etc.)

Members receive invoices monthly

Members receive cutomized invoices monthly

we'll charge 3% of your total making

We simply take a 3% fee in the process.

Even our Pricing is easy