Frequently Asked Questions

What is ? is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform allowing anyone to monetize a Chat Group. The platform will manage subscriptions and invoicing automatically, so that the ChatGroup manager focus on one thing only: his community.

Our main objective is to give you the tools to manage and operate your members and their subscriptions. We do not provide any chatting platform. You'll be able to charge directly your members on your stripe account, revoke their access, generate invoices, send invitation link and other notifications.

Also, we allow the visitors of this site to browse through the open ChatGroups of our users and join them directly. You gain visibility by managing your chatgroup on this platform, as you'll be indexed in our database of ChatGroups.

Why the hell would I pay to join a Chat Group ?

Well, it really depends on the Chat Group you're willing to join.

Chat Groups with exclusive membership is becoming a new trend in a lot of different fields. There are already people managing exclusive Slack or Discord groups to create a close community. Here's an exhaustive list of what an exclusive membership Chat Group may offer:

  • Consultancy and advices from the Chat Group Manager in a specific business area
  • Follow up of some personal data (eg. diets, meditation, well being)
  • Customized chat bots created by the Chat Group Manager
  • Constant help and guidance in your projects from the members of the Chat Group and its Manager
  • Sharing expertise in a specific business domain from the community
  • Group therapy
  • Sponsoring a personality you like
  • Supporting artists

Is it free ?

No. We take a 3% fee of what you charge your users.

Also, obviously, joining a ChatGroup costs the price defined by the ChatGroup manager.

Why 3% ?

Good question. This platform was developed by a really small IT business. We don't aim to make a lot of money with it. Honestly, if it allows us to only buy new hardware, we're happy!

We did a few calculations and 3% was a good choice. First because it's insanely cheaper than what you can find online (Facebook takes between 15 and 30% for Group subscriptions, Youtube takes 30%, ...). And second because it's not too low neither. Also, 3 is an awesome number.

You can use our pricing page to calculate an estimation of your earnings. You will also find a complete breakdown of the fees applied to your earnings (our 3% + Stripe fees).

May I use Paypal ?

For several reasons, Paypal is not a supported option at yet.

Do I still need to use Slack, Discord or other Chatting Services ?

Yes. We do not provide any chatting platform. And that for a simple reason: for now, it is impossible for us to compete with Slack or Discord. The quality of these services is really impressive, and they are completely free. Thus, we have no interest in building our own chatting platform as it will never be as good as Slack, Discord, etc.

However, our top priority is to allow you to plug your account to your Chatting Platform in order to give you more features and more control as time goes by.

Our goal is to help you manage members subscriptions and monetize your chat groups, not to offer you another chatting platform.

Who is behind this?

Actually, it's only one guy, me. Hello, I'm Clément, web developer from Belgium. I run a small IT company in web consultancy. I created this platform because I saw some paid chat groups emerging on the web and I though this would help people setup their own groups.

You can find out more about me on my website.

I love! How can I help?

Thanks! Most companies spend thousands on marketing to tell the world about their products. only has a few ads; we rely a lot more on word of mouth. If you enjoy the site, please tell your friends. Send an email, or tweet out a link to the site. It's the best thing you can do!

An error on this page ? Please contact us on twitter or by email at [email protected]