how it works

spoiler alert: it's dead simple

1. Link Your Stripe Account

In order to receive the money of your user's subscriptions, you need to connect your Stripe Account to system.

This will allow the system to create subscription plan, use an existing one, and when a user subscribe to your group, they will be linked directly to your Stripe Account, not ours.

To do so, simply click the big blue "Connect with Stripe" button. You'll be redirected to Stripe to validate the connection. When it's done you'll be redirected back to this page with a confirmation message.

You're now ready to register your first Chat Group 💪

Billing Profile Page

Create Chat Group Form

2. Register a Private Chat Room

This will generate the public page of your Chat Group, allowing people to join and subscribe.

You can either use an existing subscription plan from your Stripe Account. If there is none, you can simply use the "Set the subscription amount" field and we will configure everything for you. This will be the amount your users will pay monthly to be a member of your private chat room.

Then, you should define the maximum number of members that are allowed to join your group. Having a maximum is good because your members will enjoy the exclusivity of being a member. Also, having too much members will decrease the quality of your community interractions.

Finally, using Github markdown formatted text, you will be able to fully customize the public description of your Chat Group. Make it catchy!

3. People Join Your Exclusive Chat Group

Your job is now to share the public page of your group, in order to get new members.

An arriving user will be able to join your group in a few clicks. Once they subscribe, you'll be notified by email and the money will be directly credited to your Stripe Account. You don't have to wait at all!

If you connected your Slack / Discord to our system, an invitation link will be automatically sent to the new member.

Public Page
Easy Invoices

4. All Your Invoices Are Easy To Find

You have a business to run, and we understand that. Accounting is important. Managing Invoices is important.

On your Chat Group management page, you can easily jump to the list of invoices related to that group.

Filter them by members, date, everything was made to make your life easier.

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